Netflix Has Become Amazing at Being Mediocre

I’ve had a long history with Netflix. When the service first came out over a decade ago I signed up and went on a DVD binge. Movies I hadn’t thought about in years suddenly rushed back into my life, and I don’t think I had more interaction with the mail before or since those gleeful weeks. But a few months into my subscription a sort of lethargy set in and I began to lose enthusiasm for having yet another movie night the third time that week. I went from cycling through three DVDs a week to three a month, and before long returned my final DVD and canceled the service. I was like a child that had eaten too much candy and never wanted it ever again. Continue reading

LSU Stuck With Ed Orgeron; Praying for Urban Meyer

I’m nowhere near as in tune with college football news as I used to be, particularly in the offseason. There was a period of time in my life where I’d have the entire LSU depth chart memorized and know exactly what threats were coming from within the conference. Beyond that, I’d furiously study the other schools that would be possible threats on during LSU’s attempt at a national championship. But this one incompetent coach has broken my passion. Continue reading

White People Calling the Cops Over Petty Things is Absurd

I get it, we live in a society where people are on a hair trigger and yet no one wants to deal with actual confrontation. One time a guy talked shit to me in a movie theater so I threw a drink on him. I went outside to confront him in hand to hand combat and instead he started shouting for the police. What an absurd reaction! I quickly departed and relaxed in my car for about thirty minutes while St. Tammany Parish deputy sheriffs questioned this soaking wet man. This was my first real experience with absurd white people. Continue reading